With charming medieval towns, miles of breathtaking Adriatic coastline with over a thousand islands, and myriad opportunities for hiking, cycling, sailing, kayaking, and more, it is easy to see why Croatia is one of Europe’s hottest destinations.

Top Places to Visit in Croatia-Dubrovnik Old Town
Top Places to Visit in Croatia - Old Town Split
  • If you are a first-time visitor or only have a week to spend, you will be best off focusing on the southern Dalmatian coast, splitting your time between the must-sees of Dubrovnik and Split with their UNESCO-protected old towns and maybe adding a day-trip to one of the islands like Hvar, Korcula, or Brac. This is the most-popular part of Croatia and also the most crowded, especially in the summer months.

  • With 10 – 12 days in Croatia, you will have enough time to add the northern regions of the country as well – the Istrian Peninsula with its Roman ruins, historic hill towns, vineyards, and olive groves, and the capital city of Zagreb with its cosmopolitan and Austro-Hungarian ambience. Roughly half-way between Split and Zagreb, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is definitely worth a stop to explore its trails and plank walks in the lush valley, and admire the lakes and waterfalls.

  • Alternatively, with two weeks to spend, you may consider exploring some of Croatia's neighbor countries (which were also once part of Yugoslavia) and add-on some time in Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, or Slovenia. Get in touch and we will tell you how.